Our Background Story

Our Background Story


The idea that sparked the establishment of Kingdom Alliance was ignited during an event called Savannah United in Prayer (SUIP), on 09/11/2016. SUIP was an event held in Savannah, GA, in which 21 Pastors from various denomination, different ethnic backgrounds, and both genders came together to pray and repent. The prayers focused on repenting for Christian churches not operating in unity as the Body of Christ to advance the Kingdom of God. SUIP was a monumental and unprecedented event that created a shift in the spiritual atmosphere of the Savannah, GA area. SUIP was sponsored and birthed out of the Community Intercessors, a group of Savannah area intercessor from various churches. The leader of this organization is Kathy Todd.


From the inception of the idea to sponsor SUIP, until the completion of the event, many individuals assisted the Community Intercessors in bring this event to fruition. One of those assisting was Apostle Miller Bargeron. During the SUIP program, God spoke to Kathy and Miller individually and told them the unity being birth must continue. Of course, Kathy and Miller did not know what that looked like, so they decided to pray about it for directions from God. 

On November 11, 2016 during a time of prayer and meditation, Kathy began asking the Lord what He was transitioning her to do.  She heard the following: "You are being called to something bigger.  United prayer was just the beginning.  You are being called to bring encouragement, equipping, and strengthening to churches, ministers, pastors, and ministry leaders; building them up into a mighty army that walks in unity, with Kingdom Authority and a Kingdom mindset.  A training camp." 


Subsequent to hearing the Word of the Lord, Kathy shared what she heard with Miller. They began to pray into that Word for clarity and guidance.  By Thanksgiving of 2016, Kathy and Miller came into agreement regarding God’s marching orders for his Word.  God was calling forth a non-profit organization that would operate in the spirit of Ephesians 4:11-16. As a result, both of them shared this vision with their respective spiritual leadership, and all of the involved parties steeped the Word and vision from God in prayer for several months.  During those months, the Lord confirmed His Word and vision multiple times. 

With clarity of the vision in hand, Kathy and Miller were led by the Lord to share the vision with Pastor Kyle Garrison and Pastor Vantrel Mainor. Both, Kyle and Vantrel were among the 21 Pastors praying and repenting during SUIP. As God would have it, Kyle and Vantrel had a burden in their hearts to see the fulfillment of Ephesians 4:11-16, as well. After seeking God regarding their involvement in the vision, Kyle and Vantrel agreed to join forces with Kathy and Miller to launch the vision.

Hence, Kingdom Alliance was formed as a vehicle to help align God’s people. 

Our Leadership Team

Apostle Miller Bargeron

Ambassador Kathy Todd

Pastor Vantrel Mainor

Pastor Kyle Garrison